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Frederick Sherwood

Frederick Sherwood arrived in 1843 with his wife Jessie, nee Hay. His father had a building firm in England, and he himself worked here as an architect, surveyor and builder. After Jessie died in 1855 he established the Swan Brewery in 1857 on the river at the foot of what is now Sherwood Court, presumably named for him. After he died in 1874, the Swan Brewery was moved by new owners, Ferguson and Mumme, to a site below Mount Eliza.

SHERWOOD, Frederick., b. ?1809, d. 10.5.1874 (Perth), arr. with wife &
2 chd. m. (UK) Jessie HAY b. 1812 d. 24.7.1855 (Perth). Chd. Jane b. 1836, Matilda, Thomas b. 1838 d. 1914, Frederick b. 1841 d. 1919, Henry b. 1843, Alfred b. 1845 d. 1873, Charles b. 1847, George b. 1849, Annie b. 1852. Perth, Civil Service 1840s. Administrator Frem. 1843 & Perth 1845 as clerk. Schoolmaster 1849. Architect & surveyor. Employed 34 T/L men on occasions 1851-1872 including a gardener, a cooper and a woodcutter.

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