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Charles Simmons

Charles Simmons was the first colonial surgeon, arriving in 1829 on the Parmelia with James Stirling and the first government employees, but was to live only until 1831. Stirling sent Charles Simmons to Augusta (Statham-Drew: 575 note 30) and replaced him with William Milligan (who was already! a replacement assistant-surgeon to the 63rd, Tully Davy having drowned in Capetown). Milligan became colonial surgeon.

SIMMONS, Charles (Dr), b. 1802, d. 23.10.1831 (Perth), arr. 1.6.1829 per Parmelia as Colonial Surgeon. He was granted 5,000 acres, taking 3,000 acres at Beverley which he named after his home town. He explored & reported on suitability of new districts for settlement. The Avon land was resumed by the government after his death.

Simmons was born in Beverley, Yorkshire (Berryman). He was interred in the the East Perth Cemetery 25 October 1831 (location unknown, no inscription).

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