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Arthur Charles Staples

E. Jaggard:
Arthur Charles Staples (1910–1997), educationist, historian, and philanthropist, was born at Bunbury.
His MA dissertation became a book, They Made Their Destiny: History of Settlement of the Shire of Harvey 1829–1929 (1979), an account of how European farmers adjusted to the region’s environment.
He taught at Perth Modern School 1945-46. Later, he was a lecturer at Graylands Teachers College, and then Vice-Principal of Mt Lawley TC.
In 1959 Staples had been a foundation member of the National Trust of Australia (WA). Elected to the council of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, he served as secretary and president (1958–59) and was a regular contributor to the society’s journal.

Selected publications

Staples, A.C. 1948, 'Outline of history of settlement in Harvey District', Early Days, Vol. 3 Part 10.

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Staples, A.C. 1994, 'Spanish colonial influence on Sir James Stirling', Early Days, vol. 10, part 5.

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