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William Stirling

William Stirling was James Stirling's first cousin, arriving on the Parmelia with him, and serving not only as his private secretary, but also on the Board of Audit as Registrar, with Stirling's friend Mark Currie, and John Septimus Roe.

After Stirling surveyed the Avon in 1831 and selected a townsite and named it York, he advised William to select land in that area (which he did in December 1830) intending also to select some for himself (Statham).

William probably had tuberculosis (Statham), and died in 1831.

STIRLING, Wi1liam. b. 1799, d. 14.4. 1831 (Perth), first cousin of Sir James Stirling. arr. 6.1829 per Parmelia. Registrar of Board of Council & Audit. He was granted 4,480 acres & selected 4,000 in Avon District 1830.

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