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F.W.E. Tydeman

Frank Tydeman (1901-1995) CMG had been a colonel in the Royal Engineers before he was appointed in 1946 to work on the development of Fremantle Harbour extensions, his report being released 23 March 1949. He proposed resiting both rail and road bridges further upstream to create space for another eleven berths, to be completed by 1995. He also proposed a protected harbour north of the current one to provide 39 berths, and an additional harbour to the south to provide 80 berths. The establishment of the oil refinery at Kwinana ruled out the proposed seaward extensions, as the oil company built jetties for the refinery and the channels across the Success and Parmelia Banks were widened and deepened instead. The up-river extensions were deferred and then partly abandoned: the 1939 road bridge is still in situ, though there is a newer rail bridge somewhat further upstream than the old one.
Tydeman was appointed General Manager of the Harbour Trust 16 May 1950. He proceeded to mechanise cargo-handling as much as possible. He retired from the position 20 August 1965.
Tydeman Road (formerly part of John Street) is named for him.

British Army Engineer. Organised 14,000 troops to rebuild Bombay Harbour in 6 months, a job experts thought could take 10 years. He oversaw the removal of 27 sunken ships, which were patched up & refloated to clear the clogged harbour. Also lectured Burmese & Malayans on self defence. Former General Manager Fremantle Port Authority.

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