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John Wade

John Wade was an aggressive character, known for his challenges to duel, including one he made to the Sheriff of the Colony, G.F. Stone. From the trial of that matter he was sentenced to six weeks in prison. Which was nothing compared to his fourteen year sentence to VDL for theft.

WADE, John, b. 1804, arr. 5.8.1829 per Calista. Agriculturist, granted 266 acres, selected near junction of Jane Brook & Swan in 1830s ("Freedom's Retreat"). By 1832 leased properties at Hamilton Hill & was a boatman at Frem. Shared an interest in "Perth Hotel" with H.E.H. Hall. Advt. as licensee 4.1836. Involved in robberies 1841 & 1844. Sentenced to 14 yrs transportation [to VDL].

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