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Titus Ware

WARE, Titus, b. 1791 (Eng), arr. 14.5.1830 per Rockingham. On 26.9.1830 he accidentally shot John Phew. Dep. 30.5.1831 per Cornwallis for Mauritius.

Unknown newspaper:
Inquest into the Death of John Phew on 13 September 1830.
On 1 October 1830, Robert Thomson performed jury service with eleven others, at 'Jamestown, near Fremantle' to inquire into the shooting death of John Phew from the discharge of a firearm held by Titus Ware. The coroner was Mr W.T. Graham.
Members of the jury were unanimous in their verdict that:
Titus Ware without malice or aforethought but by pure accident and misadventure did inflict a gunshot wound on the face of the said John Phew by which John Phew was mortally wounded and of which wound he languished until the middle of the night of the Thirteenth of September 1830 when he died – and the Jurors aforesaid upon their oaths aforesaid say that the said John Phew came to his Death as aforesaid and in no other way, and do lay a Deodand on the Gun which inflicted said wound of Two Pounds sterling for the use of our Lord the King.
[A Deodand is something forfeited or given to God because it has caused a person's Death.]

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