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John Welbourne

John Welbourne was a successful builder who became a publican, and a significant resident of Guildford, living to at least 70.

In the 1832 Census, the name is spelt Welbourn. He is said to be 25, from Londonthorpe, near Grantham, Lincs (like Margaret Thatcher, the Grantham grocer's daughter).

WELBOURNE, John, b. 1807, arr. 23.8.1829 per Marquis of Anglesea, m. 26.1.1840 Sarah PURKIS. A carpenter employed by Bland. Soon became a building contractor working on Govt. offices Perth 1836 & Guildford gaol 1840. He was member of Guildford Town Trust 1845. Appointed Police Constable at Guildford 1841-9 & was the local postmaster 1852. Built & owned "Stirling Arms Hotel" & also tbe house used as a school by Dacres Williams. Listed also as an undertaker 1860 & 70s. Employed 4 T/L men on occasions 1863-1878 including a sandalwood cutter. Wife illit.

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