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Richard Wells

Richard Wells saved Peter Lautour the trouble of having to come here to run his colonisation scheme, which failed. Wells himself was successful first as a clerk in Peter Broun's office and then as a banker. He also owned a lot of good land in the Avon. However, like a lot of men of his time, he died when only in his 40s, his wife having preceded him, at only 37.

WELLS, Richard George, b. 1804, d. 4.1846 (Perth), arr. 5.8.1829 per Calista with wife & sister Henrietta, m. 1st (UK) Susanna b. 1801 d. 6.1838, m. 2nd 19. 12. 1839 (Perth) Susannah FORTESCUE b. 1807 d. 12.2.1877 (Frem), she arr. 23.12.1837 per Eleanor. Chd. son b. & d. 1830, Ellen Susanna Diana b. 1831 d. 1891, Mary Irwin Henrietta b. 1832 d. 1889, Sarah Susanna b. 1833, Sophia Pennell b. 1835 d. 1909, Diana Gifford b. 1836, (2nd wife), Julie b. & d. 1840, Julie Susanna b. 1842, John Richard Fortescue b. 1844, Richard b. & d. 1846. Agent for Col. Lautour in a colonization scheme which failed. The vessels CaIista, Lotus & Marquis of Anglesea were chartered to bring migrants, but the indentured servants were released & could claim grants. Wells was Chief Clerk in Col. Sec. Office 1830 & 1st manager of WA Bank 1841. He selected 2,560 acres Avon district in 1830 & 2,490 in 1832. His widow & 5 chd dep. 2.1848 per Merope for Eng. She returned possibly 30. 5.1858 per Indian Chief. Not in the 1832 census.

He and his wife and two chn, Ellen and Mary, are listed in the 1832 census, according to Berryman: 31.

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