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John Whatley

WHATLEY, (Dr), John, b. 1798, d. 16.9.1830, arr. 19.10.1829 per Atwick with wife & chd. m. (UK) Ann b. 1806. Chd. Johanna b. 1827, Mary b. 1829 (at sea), Holly b. WA, Kate b. 1831 (Launceston). Was granted 8,093 acres, selected 1,000 at Bayswater. His wife's diary gives an account of pioneer life. He was drowned in the Swan at Frem. while attempting to ferry a cow across the river. His widow & chd. returned to Eng. via Tasmania per Cleopatra 11.1830.

He is remembered in the name of Whatley Crescent which leads from eastern Perth, next to the railway line, to his 1000 acre location abutting the river at Bayswater.

A clip from Roe's 'eye sketch' of 1829 showing, from left, the grants of Edward Birkett, that of his father James Birkett, Mr Darby's, that of Robert Thomson (of Rottnest'sThomson Bay), and that of Dr John Whatley. The river shown is the Swan, at what is now Bayswater.

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