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Mark Woodcock

Mark Woodcock is a candidate for North Ward for election to the Fremantle City Council again in October 2023. He stood unsuccessfully against Doug Thompson in 2021, gaining 44% of the vote to Thompson's 56%. In 2023 his competitor this time will be Ingrid van Dorssen.

'Additional statement'

Dear Residents of North Ward

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the New North Ward. It is with great pride & a deep commitment to our community that I seek your support & trust.

My campaign is embedded in three core principles.

1. Community-Focused Governance, I am dedicated to listening to your concerns & aspirations. Your voices will guide my decisions as I work to address the issues that matter most to you, whether it's improving our local amenities, enhancing core council services, or advocating for a better Swan River Crossing, which is impacting local amenities. You need an independent Councillor, not one that’s politically aligned.

2. Sustainable Growth: North Ward is a unique & beautiful place, and we must protect and preserve its natural beauty while responsibly managing growth. I am committed to sustainable development practices that ensure our town remains a great place to live for generations to come, while at the same protecting unique places like the Arts Centre. We need to improve our urban Tree Canopy while moving towards more underground power.

3. Transparency & Accountability: I believe in open & transparent government. I will work to keep you informed about decisions affecting our community & will be accountable for the choices I make on your behalf.

I bring to this role, a background in community engagement & a passion for making Freo the best it can be. I have extensive experience, in international hotels & project delivery, as part of the management teams of 100-million-dollar projects, in Europe USA & Asia.

With your support, I will work collaboratively with fellow council members, residents, & local organizations to achieve our shared vision for our beautiful & unique heritage city. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant, & inclusive community.

Please visit my campaign Facebook page and connect with me on social media to stay informed about our campaign events, community discussions & how you can get involved.

2023 pitch:
North Fremantle needs a long term plan & a determined advocate for residents, as it has serious current & worsening traffic issues.
I have been attending Future Freo community engagement meetings & there is a clear need for broad long term thinking on this site, with common sense, not just ideology.
Fremantle has to be, clean, safe, inviting, with a focus on its threatened valuable heritage.
The City of Fremantle needs better financial management, true transparency & community engagement. We need to stop the erosion of city assets, which is helping to drive up rates.
My family came to Fremantle in the 1850s. I grew up in Fremantle, attended CBC, a member at FSLSC since the 70s, first job was in Fremantle.
I have 30+ yrs experience in Hospitality & Tourism, where I now consult to local businesses, lecture & consult in food technology, I'm an apiarist & believe in a better urban tree canopy.
We need to improve the amenity of our suburbs.
Activism doesn't fix potholes!
It drives up your rates!
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2021 pitch:
North Fremantle needs a long term plan & determined advocate for residents, as it has serious current traffic problems & major developments on the horizon. Fremantle must be clean, safe, inviting & interesting (bring back a focus on heritage). Increasing the tree canopy is also critical. Fremantle needs better financial management, starting with a reduction in the $50 million maintenance backlog - plus stopping asset sales. My family first came to Fremantle in the 1850s. I grew up in Fremantle and attended CBC. I have over 35 years experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. Thus, I particularly like the challenges of dealing with the port and its activities, as well as developing a more enticing CBD. I'm a chef, apiarist, gardener, lecturer, member of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club & FSC.
Mobile: 0414 749 308

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