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yelvertonHenry John Yelverton

Henry John Yelverton, 1854-1906, was the son of Henry Yelverton (1821-1880). He was a Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council from 1901 to 1904.
He was born in Fremantle, Western Australia on 6 April 1854, and educated at the Christian Brothers College before entering his father's business as a timber contractor in 1872. He would later work as a merchant, farmer and pastoralist. In January 1878, he married Eloise Guerrier; they would have four sons and five daughters.
Yelverton began to take in interest in public life, and in 1900 became a Justice of the Peace. On 24 April 1901, he successfully stood for election to the Western Australian Legislative Assembly seat of Sussex. He held the seat until the election of 28 June 1904, which he did not contest.
Henry Yelverton died on 14 January 1906 in the Government Hospital at Bunbury, and is buried in Busselton Cemetery. Wikipedia.

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