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Blackwall Reach 

Blackwall Reach (Jenalup in Noongar) is a section of the Swan River in Western Australia.
Blackwall Reach was named after an area of the River Thames near Greenwich UK in 1896 by Commander L.S. Dawson RN, Admiralty Surveyor. The name originally referred to that part of the river, rather than either side, but this changed in the twentieth century when the riverside land on the eastern bank just south of Point Walter was specifically called Blackwall Reach. It contains limestone cliffs and remnant vegetation adjacent to the river's edge.
The location is a popular spot for cliff jumping and for rock climbing. However, since the creation and management of the clifftop reserve, signage advises against jumping. Non-adherence to this signage has resulted in fatalities.
Prior to European settlement, the area was known to the Noongar indigenous people as Jenalup, a sacred place linked to the Dreaming stories.

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