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Champion Bay

Champion Bay is a coastal feature north of Geraldton, Western Australia, facing the port and city between Point Moore and Bluff Point.
Champion Bay was named by Lieutenant John Lort Stokes of HMS Beagle, who surveyed the area in April 1840. He named it after the colonial schooner Champion, in which George Fletcher Moore had travelled to the region and first located the bay in January of that year.
The locality at the bay was also called Champion Bay. The townsite of Geraldton was surveyed in 1850, named after Captain Charles Fitzgerald, 4th Governor of Western Australia. ...

The explorer George Grey, while on his second disastrous expedition along the Western Australian coast, passed over the future site of Geraldton on 7 April 1839. George Fletcher Moore, the colony's attorney-general, on the colonial schooner Champion, explored the region in January 1840 and discovered Champion Bay. He was followed by Captain John Clements Wickham and Lieutenant John Lort Stokes of HMS Beagle, who led an expedition to the area in April 1840, and named and surveyed Point Moore and Champion Bay.
A decade later, explorer Augustus Gregory travelled through the area. A member of his party, James Perry Walcott, discovered lead ore in 1848 in the bed of the Murchison River. The Geraldine mine was subsequently established, named after the County Clare family home of Charles FitzGerald, the 4th Governor of Western Australia. The town of Geraldton, named after Governor FitzGerald, was surveyed in 1850 and land sales began in 1851.

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