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See also: Freshwater Bay, Freshwater Bay Convict Hiring Depot, Peppermint Grove.


Despite John Butler's attempts in the 1830s to gain possession of the Freshwater Bay area later known as Claremont, it remained unalienated Crown land, under the influence of Surveyor-General John Septimus Roe.

After the arrival of convicts in 1850, a hiring depot was set up at Freshwater Bay. Its site was just behind the former police station in Stirling Highway near the corner of Bay View Terrace.

Claremont became a local government authority in 1893, the name coming from the Claremont Estate (Swan Location 350) held by James Morrison whose wife's name was Clara (Williams: 59).

Bay View Terrace (Humble Street until 1884) with Massey's store on the corner (soon to be replaced by the Claremont Hotel) with the railway station fence in the foreground - the photo was taken from the footbridge over the line, with Gugeri Street going off to the right (named for Peter Gugeri, a vigneron who was a Perth City Councillor, President of the Horticultural Society, Commodore of the Perth Yacht Club, etc.)

The Continental Hotel, Victoria Avenue. A block of flats is now on this site.

Claremont river beach near the Osborne Hotel steps (the caption reads 'Osborne Beach') c. 1895-1900, courtesy SLWA (from Facebook). Photograph by Alfred Pickering. Click/tap for larger size to see the steps in the middle background, with the Osborne Hotel tower on the central skyline.

Christ Church Claremont

Congregational Church Claremont.
My grandmother and grandfather (my mother's parents) were married here 5 December 1906.
Both church and hall were the premises of the office of Graeme J. Robertson (my first cousin) for about twenty years c. 1998-2018.

Congregational Church Hall Claremont

Claremont Baths

Osborne steps jetty

National Bank building corner Bay View Terrace and Stirling Highway

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See also: the Claremont railway station.

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