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Port Hedland

Port Hedland, situated on the coast about 1,063 miles north of Perth, has made considerable progress since the opening of the Port Hedland to Marble Bar railway line, which made it the principal port for the Pilbara goldfields and also the distributing centre for the extensive tinfield at Wodgina. It is also a convenient place for shipping stock, and this fact, combined with its trade with the goldfields, will probably in the near future make it one of the most important towns on the north-west coast. It has a substantial jetty, and the channel has been buoyed to ensure the safety of shipping. A further stimulus to trade exists in the proximity to the port of extensive beds of pearl shell, which are being actively worked. In addition to various public buildings the town possesses four hotels, several stores, and a branch of the Union Bank. The population is about 350.

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Named after Lars Peter Hedlund.

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