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Hilton is the name of both a suburb and also a ward of the City of Fremantle. However, the ward contains the suburbs of Samson and O'Connor as well as Hilton suburb. The name of the suburb used to be Hilton Park, as it was designed after the Second World War as a 'garden suburb'.

The first name of Hilton Park was Chester Park. Kate Caldwell:
... Chester Park ... which is now Hilton Park. When the land was subdivided and put up for sale, a competition was held for a suitable name for the district, and this name was decided on as being most appropriate. [Why?] The location would originally appear to have been granted to one McDermott. About 30 years later it came into the possession of Richard Davis, who after his arrival [1848] from England in 1853 had carried on the Half-way House at Point Walter. With the advent of steam, the boats were not using the canal, and it became silted up and the toll-house fell into disuse. He therefore removed to Bicton, and later to the Chester Park property, which he in turn sold to Chester. At the time of the subdivision it was owned by Simpson.

Ewers: 126-7:
Building was brisk throughout these post-war years. An acute housing shortage was revealed in 1923 and there was a suggestion of a Council Housing Scheme. 17 This was rejected in favour of assisting established organizations such as Building Societies and the Workers’ Homes Board, by making available 9 acres of land in Gibson, Shepherd and Lefroy Streets and 182 acres of the commonage adjoining Chester Park.

Fremantle Commonage, Hilton. This area was set aside by the government after the establishment of the Swan River Colony. After WW2 it was developed into housing. South of Carrington Street.

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