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On top of his original 1831 grant on the Swan which he named Baskerville, [William] Tanner was in 1832 further granted Lieutenant Preston’s property adjacent to Success Spring 31 Swan location P (1281 acres) dubbing it Lockeridge, and the West Guildford villa lot Q2. The Rev. J. Wittenoom in 1834 sold his 20 acre lot designated R1 to Tanner and in 1837, Tanner further extended his West Guildford holdings by having his agent (Tanner was at that time in England) purchase the 1531 acres of lot Q1, the former Government reserve, which had originally comprised both lots Q1 and Broun’s estate. Thus, by the late 1830s, William Tanner had established himself as the largest single owner of land in what was later to be the town of Bassendean, holding overall approximately 50% of the district. (Carter: 32)

The Lockeridge/Lockridge Hotel aka Success Hill Lodge etc. is a place of interest in Bassendean.

References and Links

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