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Samson is a suburb in the Hilton ward of the City of Fremantle. It was developed in the 1970s.

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Samson is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia in the City of Fremantle. Samson is bounded by South Street to the north, Stock Road to the west, Winterfold Road to the south, South Street to the north and east no further than Rushby and McMahon Ways.

The suburb comprises fewer than forty streets and 800 homes.

The suburb of Samson was named after the Samson family who have been prominent in the Fremantle area for two centuries, including Sir Frederick Samson who served as mayor for over twenty years. The first notable Samson, Lionel Samson arrived in Fremantle in 1829 and founded Lionel Samson & Sons, the state’s oldest established business, still in operation today.

Samson is the easternmost neighbourhood of Fremantle and the most recent residential development. Prior to development, the site was owned by the army, being the site of the Melville Military Camp during the Second World War. In 1971, the City of Fremantle called tenders for the development of the area. The neighbourhood was developed by T.M. Burke Pty Ltd, its major park being named after former mayor, Sir Frederick Samson. Houses in Samson are predominantly of a brick and tile construction.

Samson Park is the largest bush reserve in the city of Fremantle. The park is located opposite the Samson Recreation Centre. Samson Park is the city of Fremantle's only 'bush forever' park. Nature trails wind through the park displaying jarrah, marri and tuart trees, and a variety of native plants. The park also provides habitat to over fifty bird species, reptiles and bats. Samson Park is a popular picnic or meeting place, with picnic spaces and also a children's playground. Samson park contains the following facilities: picnic areas, BBQ facilities, basketball court, dog walking areas.

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