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Willis Point

Before the construction of the harbour works, the contour of the river below the bridges was quite different from that which meets the eye of the late-comer. What used to be known as Willis's Point was a triangular-shaped promontory whose base extended from near the site of the present railway station to a spot opposite Edward Street, the land tapering off to a point that reached to within a stone's throw of the northern shore of the river, leaving only a narrow deep-water channel for boats to pass through. In the centre of that promontory was a miniature, rush-fringed lake where wild ducks often paid the penalty of their temerity in approaching too close to the haunts of man. That portion of the land jutted out beyond the limits of the present wharf and was dredged away in the process of constructing the river harbour, the soil being used for reclaiming the shallow bay to the westward of the point.

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