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Fremantle Port: Contents

Overview: Fremantle Port/s


1991 VQ Report
1998 draft masterplan/2004
Masterplan 2000
Victoria Quay Commercial Precinct Plan, 2016


Boom Defence buildings 1 & 2
Cargo/Transit Sheds: A, B, C, D, E, J
C.Y. O'Connor building/Lumpers Cafeteria
Fort Quarters
Fremantle Port Authority building
Immigration Centre
Maritime Museum
Navy Commander Residence
Passenger Terminal
Railway stations 1 & 2

[Numbers and names are Jack Kent's]
3. Public toilet
4. Waiting room
6. Mechanical workshops
7. General main store
11. Workshop/store
12. Works office
13. Plumbers workshop
14. Garage/workshops/office
15. Office & amenities building
16. FPA fire station


Arthur Head (Manjaree, Jail Hill)
C.Y. O'Connor statue
Dago Bay
Fort Arthur
South and North Moles
Southern Crossing (sculpture)
Victoria Quay (South Wharf)
Welcome Walls


Stevens 1929 History of the Harbour
Hutchison 1991 History of the Port
Kent 1991 History of VQ buildings
David Hutchison's Victoria Quay walk
'Bloody Sunday'


Tom Edwards
Harbour Masters
C.Y. O'Connor
Henry Passmore
William Renton
Paddy Troy

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Fremantle Ports website

See also: lumpers, Daniel Elias.

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