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Navy Commander Residence

Jack Kent, 1991:
The building was constructed after August, 1941 and before April, 1942 as a residence for the Australian Navy Commander in charge of the boom defence yard. The residence was situated on the first floor and the ground floor used for offices. The Fremantle Credit Union established an office in the building in 1965 but it is unlikely that the Australian Navy used this building following the end of World War II.

The building is a two storey timber framed construction, of simple form, with the access stairs to first floor on the outside of the building. The roof is corrugated asbestos cement sheeting and the external walls are clad in corrugated asbestos cement sheeting running horizontally. Both floors are of timber construction.
The simple form and construction of the former Navy residence is a well proportioned and pleasant building. It has an appropriate scale for residential use but retains the more industrial aesthetics of Victoria Quay by the use of similar materials and construction.
The building's fabric is principally intact and, as such, demonstrates previous naval use of Victoria Quay. Its significance is enhanced by the two brick boom defence buildings which together form the physical evidence of the wartime Navy operations and state defence network.
This group of buildings add to the intensity of historic themes of Victoria Quay with the history of its own. This history deserves to be fully researched before the significance of Boom Defence group of buildings and associated structures can be fully determined.

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Top photo: GG 2022; bottom Jack Kent 1991.

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