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Sacred Heart Convent/Riverview

Riverview before 1953, when it was demolished.
'Riverview' was built at 75 Tuckfield Street in 1889 for Edward Mayhew, a wholesale druggist and also American Consul. In 1902 it became a convent and school known as Sacred Heart Ladies College. A modern structure was erected on the site in 1953. Thanks to the Fremantle Library for image no. 1932, and the text of its caption, photographer not identified.

Alfred Maywood's photograph, early 1890s

Above: "Riverview," the residence built in 1889 at 75 Tuckfield Street for Edward Mayhew. He had purchased the land from William Sandover, a friend and business neighbour in Newman Street. The prominent position of the house is reflected in the Daily News account of an explosion in a powder store connected with the harbour works, about a kilometre away: "Mr E.W. Mayhew's residence at Plympton was shaken to such an extent that the ceiling collapsed, and Mr Mayhew sustained a severe cut on the knee from the falling debris."

Mayhew, a chemist who also acted as the United States Consul, sold "Riverview" in 1902 to the Oblate Fathers of Fremantle as Sacred Heart Girls' School. During World War II pupils and boarders were dispersed to the country and the building was used as a military hospital. The school re-opened in 1946 and the building was savagely altered before being demolished in 1988 to make a playground. The land has since been used again for housing.

Looking SSE towards Tuckfield Street with the slip and boatyard near the foot of Tuckfield street. N T Jorgenson operated a slip and boat yard beside the traffic bridge at North Fremantle at this time. He also had an office at 31 Henry Street. 79 Tuckfield Street, 'Mutiara' is in the centre background and 77 just to its right. 'Riverview' is immediately behind it. 'Riverview' was erected in 1889 for Edward Mayhew, became a convent and school (Sacred Heart Ladies College) in 1902 and was demolished in 1953.

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