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Amity brought Lockyer to KGS in 1827 to claim WA for the Crown. She returned in 1829 as the sixth ship to bring settlers.

Major Edmund Lockyer of the 57th Regiment claimed Western Australia for the British Crown on 21 January 1827, his 43rd birthday, at King George Sound/Frederick Town/Frederickstown - later Albany - having arrived on board the brig Amity. It was an important part of his orders from Governor Ralph Darling in New South Wales to secure the western portion of the continent for colonisation before the French could do so. The soldiers on board the Amity were Captain Joseph Wakefield of the 39th Regiment and nineteen of his troops. They anchored in Princess Royal Harbour at daybreak on 26 December 1826. (The Princess Royal in 1826 was Princess Charlotte, daughter of George III.)

Wikipedia version:
Under instructions from Governor Darling the brig sailed to Western Australia in 1826 under the command of Major Edmund Lockyer, who established the first European settlement there with a military garrison at King George Sound, now Albany. The settlement was initially called Frederick Town. The expedition included Major Lockyer, two military officers, 18 rank and file soldiers, 23 convicts and surgeon Isaac Scott Nind, as well as livestock and supplies for an expected stay of six months. The group disembarked on Boxing Day, 1826.

Diane Oldman:
She was a square-rigged brig, built at St John, New Brunswick, and launched in 1816, registered at 142 tons. Length 75 ft. 6 ins., breadth 21 ft. 5 ins., depth 11 ft. 5 ins. She was wrecked in Bass Strait in 1845. She was commanded on Lockyer’s voyage to King George Sound by Lieutenant Colson Festing, R.N.

Family History WA:
Amity arr. 22 September 1829, master William Owen, from Sydney, with passengers Samuel Nolbrow, Thomas Long, John Wallgreen, Mathew Hargrave, Wm Edwards (+ Mrs) carrying government stores from the Colony of NSW.

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