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The Drummore was a 298 tonne sailing ship carrying 5 guns. She sailed from Leith in Scotland on July 19, 1830 and travelled via the Cape of Good Hope and Isle of France on her way to the Swan River Colony and Hobart Town. Captain P. Petrie was in command and besides a crew of 19, she carried general cargo and 61 passengers.
She arrived in the Swan River Colony on February 1, 1831 and ended her journey in Hobart Town on February 28.
William and Hester Tanner decided to emigrate to Australia in 1829. They had heard good reports of both the Swan River and Tasmania and knew of the incentives being offered to would-be immigrants - for every three pounds they invested, they would be allocated forty acres of land.
The Tanners chartered the Margaret to take them, Charles and Ellen Viveash (William's sister and Hester's brother), their families, servants, labourers and property to the Swan River Settlement. They left England on June 25, 1830.
When they reached Cape Town they were met with rumours of the failure of the Swan Colony and Captain Biddle of the Margaret refused to proceed on the voyage. The Margaret was unloaded and paid off. Tanner and his party completed their journey on the Drummore, which left Cape Town on October 20, 1830.

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