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Emily Taylor

The brig Emily Taylor was wrecked at South Bay, Fremantle, 21 May 1830, on a voyage from Cape Leeuwin to the Swan River Colony. There were 60 crew on board, and five passengers. Of 207 tons, she was the former EIC 12-gun cruiser Antelope built in Bombay in 1792. Her owner was Robert Taylor & Co., and her master was James McDermott.

She had previously brought the first settlers to Augusta, 2 May 1830, including Bussells, Molloys, and Turners, and also John Dawson, Richard Dawson, John Herring, John Kellam and soldiers. A cairn commemorates the event.

Four other vessels were driven ashore in the same gale: the Thames, Rockingham, James, and the Emily and Ellen. The Thames for some years marked the southern boundary of Fremantle, having been beached where South Street now terminates.

The tavern in the former Warders Cottages in Henderson Street is named Emily Taylor after the ship.

References and Links

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