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Ephemina arr. 9 October 1829 with passengers John Lord, Abraham Aaron, Johanna McCoomb.

The Ephemina was under the command of Captain John Telfer when she left Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) and headed for Timor. When she put into the newly founded Swan River Colony on October 9, 1829, Captain Telfer's passenger manifest indicated that she had a crew of 16. Although he only declared three cabin passengers, other sources indicate that she carried 11 passengers in all.

At the top of the captain's passenger list was John Lord who has been credited with chartering the Ephemina for this voyage. He was said to have arrived from Tasmania again in March 1830 on the Bussorah Merchant and once more on the Ephemina in 1831. On this voyage he was said to have brought a great deal of livestock, five servants and a shepherd. More livestock was landed on his later voyages.

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