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The Medina, of 467 tons, arrived 6 July 1830, with (51 or) 52 passengers including John Bateman, Alfred Waylen, Dr G.S.F. Cowcher, and Anthony Curtis. The ship's name is thought to come from that of a river on the Isle of Wight. A suburb in southern Perth is in turn named after the ship. The Medina was apparently Captain Pace's ship. Captain Pace's wife kept an inn at first called Mrs Pace's and then the Crown & Thistle, etc., on the site of the present-day P&O Hotel - now part of Notre Dame University.
Bateman, Waylen and Curtis all went into the hotel business, while Dr Cowcher attempted to do so, but failed.

Calista, Orelia, Medina, Parmelia, and Leda are southern suburbs of Perth named after early ships.

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