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The Nile brought the 19th of 37 shipments of male convicts to WA in 1858: 268 convicts arrived, with > 60 passengers (one of whom was Mathew Blagden Hale, first Bishop of Perth), and a small contingent of Sappers and Miners - 27 men and three officers, plus eight warders. Seven of the convicts were Crimean War vets, as were five of the sappers who were guarding them: John Burns, John Collis, Alexander Gray, George Hopkins, and John Wade. The latter were part of the 20th Company of Royal Engineers. Of the eight warders who made the trip, six were veterans of the Crimea campaign: William H. Downe, Francis B.S. Flindell, James George Flindell (his son), Thaddeus Moriarty, John Pye, and George Wilmore. One of the convicts was George Curedale. Another was Thomas Corrigan.

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