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Orelia arr. 12 October 1829 from Hobart with a number of passengers, incl. Richard James, 'tavern keeper', departing 7 November, captain Wm Henderson (hard to read), owner Wm Henderson & Co. She plied back and forth between VDL and Swan River.

Another such voyage terminated 12 November 1830.
Sally Kenton:
Governor Stirling advised Lt. Gov. Arthur that he had hired Hudson, Captain of the Orelia, and enlisted Arthur’s help in instructing the VDL commissariat store to provide particular stores.  (16.6.30 Stirling to Arthur CSO ACC 49/2)
Diane Oldman:
George Budge belonged to 2 Company but was stationed at Regimental Headquarters in VDL.  His pay in Swan River dates from 4 October 1830 when he boarded the Orelia, which Stirling had chartered to bring provisions from the Commissariat stores at VDL. The ship left Hobart 8 Oct and arrived at Swan River 12 November.  Budge is listed as joining at Swan River from Reg. HQ on 15 November 1830. [Ref: WO 12/7262 25 Sept 1830- 24 Dec 1830 p. 255 (AJCP Reel 3840) and according to Sally Kenton].
Sally Kenton:
Private George Budge was transferred to the WA detachment to replace Private Will Elmore. The latter had been Lieutenant William Pedder’s servant until Pedder had left WA per Orelia in June 1830. Elmore and his wife Elizabeth had to wait until Budge arrived before they transferred to regimental headquarters arriving at VDL 21st September 1830.
George Budge, born 1793 at Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, was killed by Aborigines at Murray River 6 August 1832 (Western Australian Colonial News, 11 August 1832). (Erickson incorrectly has 1834.)

Calista, Orelia, Medina, Parmelia, and Leda are southern suburbs of Perth named after early ships.

References and Links

See the Family History WA page for 1829 ship arrivals.

List of crew and passengers on the Oct-Nov 1830 journey in the archive at Libraries Tasmania.

Thanks to Diane Oldman for some of the the information re Private Budge.

Thanks also to Sally Kenton for many details.


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