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Pyrenees arr. 28 June 1851 from London with 389 passengers: 96 free and 293 convicts.

Perth DPS page:

This 832 ton ship was built at Sunderland in 1851. It was employed twice as a convict transport for Western Australia and left Torbay, England on March 30, 1851 bound for the Swan River Colony. On this voyage she carried the fourth of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. The voyage took 90 days and the Pyrenees arrived in Fremantle on June 28, 1851 with 96 passengers and 293 convicts [Erickson]. Thomas Eagles and Alex C. Macleroy were the captain and surgeon respectively.

There were no deaths recorded on the convict shipping and description lists and 294 convict numbers were assigned for the voyage ranging from (384 to 677) although only 293 were mentioned in the reference above.

Of the 96 passengers mentioned above, all 96 were pensioner guards and their families, the number being made up of 30 pensioner guards, 25 wives, 20 sons and 21 daughters.

Alex C. Macleroy's surgeon's journal for the voyage is preserved in the Public Record Office (PRO) in London. Researchers can view a copy on the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) microfilm reel 3208 which is held in most major libraries and archives offices throughout Australia.

The following list [see the DPS page online] is an alphabetically sorted list of the names associated with each of the 294 convict numbers assigned to this voyage. The comments field gives alternative names attributed to the various convicts, many of which are not only spelling variations, but alternative names used in later life or in subsequent re-convictions. The age quoted seems to refer to the age of the convict when the passenger list was created.

Another list detailing the physical appearance of the convicts has been transcribed for this voyage of the Pyrenees. It can be viewed here or by following the links to Physical Description on the list below. Similar lists for the other 42 voyages to Western Australia are being added as time permits.

References and Links

Perth DPS (archived) page for convict ships that arrived at Fremantle.

Perth DPS (archived) page for the Pyrenees, from which most of the above is taken.

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