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The Thames (1818) , owner J. Blackett, master Capt Anderson, was blown ashore 22 May 1830 on South Bay, Fremantle, en route from Hobart to Mauritius with a cargo of sheep, heifers, and bricks and timber.

The wreck of the Thames is shown as marking the southern boundary of Fremantle on an 1833 map reproduced in a paper given in 2013 by Steve Errington and published in Fremantle Studies in 2017.

References and Links

WA Museum page for this ship. The wreck is shown on a map of Fremantle dated 1833, and on Chauncey map Fremantle 1844. Sources referred to on this page: C. Bateson, The Convict Ships (Artarmon, N.S.W., 1974); Graeme Henderson, Unfinished Voyages, 1622-1850.

European wrecks site page for this ship.

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