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Recent Campaigns 2016-

Arts Centre
Arthur Head
Council finances
Ford Motor Factory
Fremantle History Centre
Fremantle Markets
Fremantle Oval
Henderson Street (Forrest) hotel
Kings Square Business Plan
J Shed
Local History Centre
Police Complex
Pioneer Park
Point Street Slum
Quarry Street
Slipways Precinct
South Fremantle Power Station
Town Hall
Victoria Quay
West End
Wooden Bridge
Wooden Streets

Past Campaigns

The Fremantle Society has engaged in a large number of campaigns in its 50 year history—and succeeded in many of them—as recounted by the Davidsons in their book, Fighting for Fremantle: The Fremantle Society Story, 2010.

Some of the buildings saved—according to the Davidsons' record—include Victoria Hall, the Fremantle Prison, the Railway Station, (some of) the Warders Cottages, the Fremantle Markets, the Literary Institute (Evan Davies building/Dome), the Fire Station, the Orient Hotel, and Dalkeith House on Queens Square.

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