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1. Available from this website

Fremantle Plans and Reports (in date order)

Preservation and Change, Fremantle City Council, 1971.

Changing Fremantle, Fremantle City Council, 1973.

Fremantle Society Photographic Survey, 1970s-early 1980s.

The Arthur Head Project, City of Fremantle, 1983.

Convict Walk, 2000.

Hilton plan, 2002, by Agnieshka Kiera

Convict Heritage Trail, 2003.

Town Hall Conservation plan, 2004.

Railway Station submission, 2005.

Slipways Conservation plan, 2005

The Local Identity & Design Code, 2009.

Pioneer Park plan, 2009. Agnieshka Kiera: The Council adopted the Pioneer Park as the strategic project for staged implementation. It would have been the most exciting archaeological park in WA as, apart from anthropological archaeology, there is precious little historic archaeology in WA, and to my knowledge Pioneer Park contains unmatched riches in the form of 1840-1870s settlement on what once was a residential town block of the city, not only of the houses but the whole households including the external privies and laundry, the water well, paved courtyard, boarding house, shop buildings etc. Lotterywest funding was promised - but the project was shelved.

Warders Cottages reports, 2013.

Other publications

Campbell, Robin McKellar 2017, on the new Council building. fighting

Davidson, Ron & Dianne Davidson 2010, Fighting for Fremantle: The Fremantle Society Story >

Dowson, John 2001, Fremantle: the Immigration Story, Fremantle Society.

Dowson, John 2019, 'Vision for Arthur Head', Fremantle Society.

Hoare, R, Bosworth, M, Harvey, E, Kiera, A, MacGill, G, Smith, R, Fremantle Prison: Conservation and Future Use Conservation Plan , BMA, 1990.

Kent, Jack, Agnieshka Kiera & Jeremy Dawkins 1998, The Moores Buildings: A Conservation Project, City of Fremantle.

Kiera, Agnieshka et al. 1991, Victoria Quay and its Architecture, FCC.

The asylum with its large garden and fives court in the foreground (now Ord Street + Leisure Centre)

Kiera, Agnieshka 2011, ‘The local identity and design code as tool of urban conservation, a core component of sustainable urban development – the case of Fremantle, Western Australia’, City & Time, 5 (1): 2.

Kiera, Agnieshka 2016, Why the Negativity from Council', entry in the former Fremantle Society blog for 24 February 2016.

Lutton, Linley.

Taylor, Robyn 1995, The Moores Project: Conservation of the Moores Complex of Buildings, City of Fremantle.

2. Available from the Streets of Freo project

The Streets of Freo project was in the process until 2022 of scanning plans and reports in the Fremantle Society collection: I'll provide links from this page to their website.

This section of this bibliography will list the publications in that collection (which in 2022 was stored in the strongroom of the former National Bank at 16 High Street, but in 2023 is in the Museum's central store ... somewhere).

The Architect nd, 26, 2.

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Building Management Authority 1995, Samson House: Cottage and 'Stables', WA Museum, July, 167 pp.

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City of Fremantle 1996, Timber Houses Manual, 12 September, 303 pp.

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City of Fremantle 2000, Municipal Heritage Inventory, 215 pp. Includes the 'City of Fremantle thematic historical framework', 1995.

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