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The Fremantle Society was established 6 December 1972, with Les Lauder as foundation president, 'to improve the quality of life in Fremantle while seeking to protect the existing unique built and cultural heritage'.


The president, John Dowson, sends emails about campaigns to subscribers, and there is a Facebook page. The organisation has had no active website since May 2021.

I have scanned all of the printed newsletters, 1973-2016, and written a rudimentary index.

At the 2015 AGM John Dowson was re-elected President, having previously held that office 1999-2004. At the 2016-2023 AGMs, he continued unopposed as President. He is by far the longest serving president, followed by the founder, Les Lauder.

The 2022 AGM was also part of the 50th anniversary of the Society. The founder was not present at the semicentennial. Unlike the MLA for Cottesloe. Couple of snaps here.

Here are some of the buildings saved partly through the work of the Fremantle Society.

In 2022, the Society's archives were housed in the building utilised by The Museum of Perth at 16 High Street, where it was engaged in the the Streets of Freo project. That building has been resumed for use by Notre Dame U for staff offices. The streetsoffreo project seems to have been wound up or at least halted. The current location of the archives is unknown. Documents were being digitised and made available online. Some are already available on this site.

References and Links

Fremantle Society's constitution, Facebook page, and Wikipedia page.
The Fremantle Society Photographic Survey, 1978-early 1980s, was a success. The Freopedia project was not.
Internet Archive capture, 2021, of the website the Society ceased to support.

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Videos available in Facebook/youtube:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (2016)
Quality Matters (2017)
Parking Freo (2021)
Tall Timber (2022)

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