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Marine Terrace

Formerly Fitzgerald Terrace from the west to South Street, then Wellington Terrace to Douro Road.

Marine Terrace derives its name from its situation on the waterfront. Before the railway to Robb Jetty was laid down it followed the line of the beach and was protected by a high stone sea wall which extended almost to Essex Street. From there, a row of piles resisted the encroachments of the sea on the road, which from that street to South Street was named Fitzgerald Terrace after Captain Fitzgerald RN, Governor of Western Australia (1848-1855). The continuation to Douro Road is shown on a survey of 1844 as being in the suburban area, South Street representing the southern boundary of the Town. It was named Wellington Terrace after the Great Duke. It was along this road that the camels were driven after disembarkation at the old long jetty. A quarantine station for camels arriving by sea was established in 1896 and, before departing for the Goldfields, the keepers used to camp with their animals at South Beach. All the local children took great delight in going there after school and incensing the Afghans by calling out 'ooshta', which was the signal for the camels to kneel, whatever they might be doing at the moment. Changed from Wellington Terrace to Marine Terrace in 1979. Fremantle Library.


Facing Marine Terrace, between Cliff St and Bathers Beach is what is now the WA Museum Shipwreck Galleries, built by 1853 as the Convict Establishment Commissariat (store).


The Water Police station and quarters (aka barracks), on the corner with Cliff St. Now private dwellings.

The third courthouse, 1884, still stands in Marine Terrace. It is now part of Notre Dame University and is used by the Law faculty for moots.

The original Masonic Hall was located at the corner of Mouat Street and Marine Terrace, and opened in 1877. This continued to be the lodge of the Fremantle Masons until 1958, when a new Masonic Hall was opened for Fremantle Lodge no.1033. ... The original Masonic Hall was purchased by the Navy Club at this time. Heritage Council. Now commercial premises.

There's a modern apartment building between the Freemasons Hall and the Sailors Rest. Fremantle Society published notes about this building in Fremantle, its newsletter: in July 1996, and October 1996.


Port Lodge, 28 Marine Terrace, is now a student residence. This was once Rosa Henriques Smith's Sailors' Rest. The building complex is much larger than this facade suggests.


The former Co-op Bookshop, 30 Marine Terrace was Notre Dame's bookshop in effect. It is a small building built like a lean-to against the eastern wall of Port Lodge, and had the same building number, ND12. It's on the corner of Henry St. In a 1900s photo both buildings have the same sign: British Sailors Society.


On the other side of Henry St, between that and Collie St, are modern buildings with small retailers on the street and residences behind and above.

On the corner of Collie St is the former State Savings Bank building, now Kailis pearl sales.

The block between Collie and Essex Streets, once the property of Capt Daniel Scott, is now occupied by the Esplanade Hotel. Modern buildings after that.

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