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Tim Winton

Tim Winton was born in Perth and grew up in Karrinyup before moving to Albany. He lived in Fremantle at two addresses at least, one of which was in Alma Street, across from (mental) Ward 9, which he describes in a memoir in The Boy behind the Mirror, 'In the shadow of the hospital'.
One of his novels is set in Fremantle. In Eyrie (2013) a main character lives in a block of flats apparently based on the horrible Johnson Court.

Select Bibliography

An Open Swimmer (1982)
Shallows (1984)
That Eye, The Sky (1986)
In the Winter Dark (1988)
Cloudstreet (1991)
The Riders (1994)
Blueback (1997)
Dirt Music (2001)
Breath (2008)
Eyrie (2013) - set partly in Johnson Court, Adelaide St, Fremantle
The Shepherd's Hut (2018)

The Turning (2004)

Land's Edge (1993) – with Trish Ainslie and Roger Garwood
Down to Earth – with Richard Woldendorp

Lockie Leonard (1990-1997

The Boy behind the Curtain (2016)

Four of the novels have formed the basis of feature films: That Eye, The Sky (John Ruane, 1986), In the Winter Dark (James Bogle, 1988), Breath (Simon Baker, 2008), and Dirt Music (Gregor Jordan, 2019). Cloudstreet (Matthew Saville, 1991) was made as a (very good) TV mini-series. The collection of short stories, The Turning (2005) was filmed and marketed as if it were a feature, but it isn't. Lockie Leonard (1990-1997) is also a mini-series. Shallows (1984) was optioned by Impian Films, which has ceased to exist. Currently, The Riders (1994) seems to me to be the story I most enjoyed, and I hope to see that as a film before I die.

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