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Graham Real Estate and Bell Bros Tyres

This old building at 101 Market Street, on the corner of Nairn St, was occupied in the 1950s by J F Graham Real Estate and by Bell Bros Tyres. The original shingles were being replaced with iron when this photo was taken. Fremantle Library image no. 4717.


This must be the Market St frontage. The building would have occupied all the limited space between Nairn and Collie Streets.

bell bros tyes

This must be the view from Collie St, probably on the same day (in Fremantle Library Local History Collection image #4716). There is a modern building on the site now:

collie st

In this capture from Google Maps from about the same spot in 2016, the same windows may be seen in the background in the rear of the Literary Institute building (Dome).

dave johnson

In 1972, there was a caryard on the Market/Nairn/Collie corner. Fremantle Library Local History Collection image #ES00369, Murray Edmonds slide.

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Fremantle Library Local History Collection

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