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Woodbridge, near Guildford, was named by Stirling, and he built a cottage there which is not extant. The current Woodbridge house (above) was built by Charles Harper for his wife Fanny de Burgh and family, commencing in 1883. They were able to move in by 1885, and lived there with their ten children and staff. mapThey started a school in the house in 1885 for their and their neighbours' children, until 1900, when a separate school building was erected. That was later purchased by the Church of England and was the origin of the Guildford Grammar School - which operated in Woodbridge House until 1921. During the Second World War the building was used a home for Old Women. In 1964 it became an annexe of GSSHS, but only until 1968 when it was vested in the National Trust, as it now remains.

There is a public cafe, called Riverside, near the house.

Woodbridge is also the name of the suburb in that area, and its railway station. The Helena River runs through it. Governor Stirling Senior High School is in it.

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