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Fighting for Fremantle

Ron & Dianne Davidson, Fremantle Society, 2010


Geoffrey Bolton: Foreword
Chapter 1: A Special Place
Chapter 2: Wouldn’t It Be Marvellous?
Chapter 3: Into the Lion’s Den
Chapter 4: The Battles Begin
Chapter 5: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
Chapter 6: A Good Place to Live
Chapter 7: A Long-term Success Story
Chapter 8: Troubled Times
Chapter 9: Rebirth of the Society
Chapter 10: Punching Above Their Weight
Chapter 11: From House of Horror to Heritage Icon
Chapter 12: Issues and Initiatives
Chapter 13: ‘Anti-football Traitors’
Chapter 14: Green Spaces and Industrial Cathedrals
Chapter 15: A Different President
Chapter 16: Development Onslaught
Chapter 17: New Beginnings
Appendix I: Fremantle Society Presidents
Appendix II: Members Joining in the First Year
About the Authors
Acknowledgements and Sponsors and Donors

Also: complete text in one file—no images.

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