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Town lots 329/a

High Street, north side of the Mall

James Lloyd was the first grantee of both lots 329 and 329a. A James Lloyd, Fremantle victualler, arrived on the Egyptian 28 Dec 1831: perhaps it was he. He came with a brother called George, and a George Lloyd was allocated lots 383 and 384 opposite, on the other side of High Street, increasing the likelihood.

For some reason, Roe only planned two lots for what is now the north side of the High Street Mall. In fact, it may have been only one at first, as the two lots are numbered 329 (the eastern half) and 329a. There are now at least half a dozen random shops. 'Random' because they keep coming and going at too fast a pace to keep up, and there may be one or two vacancies. The only substantial structure is Atwell Buildings which takes up the eastern half. Culley's is still there, but Pellew's went over thirty years ago. The shop on the corner of Market Street which is now a junkfood store was around 1900 called The Broadway.

Hitchcock 1919, describing that part of the street as he recalled it in 1869:
On the opposite corner of Market-street (now Healey’s Corner [it is now a 7/11]) was a saddler’s shop, kept by Ben Solomon, and next to it a cottage occupied by J.S. James. Then came a stretch of vacant land to the corner of Adelaide-street, where stood the baker’s shop of W. Chalkley, famous for his Eccles cakes.

References and Links

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