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James Brookes

In the FHWA passenger list of the Marquis of Anglesea, James Brookes is listed as a 'servant'. However, the Dictionary of Western Australians shows him as having a servant himself. FHWA also have the wife's name as Claryford; Clarissa seems more likely. No-one called Brookes (or Brooks) appears in the 1832 Census.

BROOKES, James, b. 1788. arr. with wife Clarissa b. c.1801 & dtr. per Marquis of Anglesea 23.8.1829 with servant James, granted 2893 acres, soon taken over by Dr. Whately, Langridge.

References and Links

Berryman, Ian 1979 ed., A Colony Detailed: The First Census of Western Australia 1832, Creative Research, Perth: no. 251.


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