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Richard McBryde Broun

Richard Broun arrived 1831 per Eliza. He married Ann Elizabeth Leake, George Leake's daughter from his first marriage. Richard Broun may have owned Town Lots 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 in Cliff Street, Fremantle.
Fremantle Library's online document showing early owners of lots has a Richard Brown owning Lots 15-19. At his first appearance, in 1855 he is shown as Broun, R [Brown], and then as Brown, R for 1856-9. For 1876-8 he has become Brown, R.M.B. I am assuming that all of these are Erickson's Richard McBryde Broun.
I do not know for sure if Richard McBryde Broun was related to Peter Broun. It is strongly suggested that he was by the fact that the first name of Peter's eldest son was McBryde, which was also Richard's middle name. And they both seem to have changed the spelling of their surname from Broun to Brown. Also, they were both born in Guernsey.

BROUN, Richard McBryde, b. 12.9.1806 (Guernsey), d. 10.11.1858 (Frem) son of William & Anne (nee Maringuy), arr. 3.1831 per Eliza, m. 1st 8.3.1837 Anne Elizabeth LEAKE b. 1815 d. 27.11.1855 (childbirth), dtr. of George, m. 2nd Charlotte HERBERT. Chd. Amelia b. 1834 (dtr. of Broun & his servant Hannah Dyer, adopted by Anne), Mary McBryde b. 1840, Eliza Leake b. 1841, son stillborn 1845, J.S. b. 1846, dtr. stillborn 1847, George Leake b. 1848 d. 1870, William Luke b. 1850, Frederick George b. 1853. Granted 5000 acres at Avon & Plantagenet. Appointed as Govt. Registrar & Collector of Revenue 21.5.1831 after William Stirling the former Registrar died. Was Reg. Mag. at Frem. 1831-1858. JP 1834. Treasurer of Frem. Whaling Co. 1850 & arranged its sale. Visited S.A. per Eleanor with wife & 2 dtrs 1.8.1852. Visited London & returned 12.2.1858 with wife & 4 chd. His widow & chd. returned to England 15.1.1859.

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