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Mary Jane Cook/Randall

COOK, Jeremiah, b. 1791 (England), d. 1831, arr. 1.2.1831 per Drummore with wife and family, m. Mary Jane b. 1792 d. 1848, she m. 2nd 1832 Henry RANDALL. Chd. Elijah b. 1811 d. 1861 (Chapman), Charlotte b. 1813, Jane b. 1816 d. 1872, Henry b. 1817 d. 1886, Phoebe b. 1819, Sarah b. 1822, Elizabeth b. 1823 d. 1892, John b. 1826, Mary Ellen b. 1828, Harriett b. 1830. Shepherd and labourer for William Tanner, Swan. Bought 20 acres "Albion Town" Upper Swan from W.H. Smithers. IlIit. C/E.

RANDALL, Henry, b. 1773, d. 11.1847, arr. 9.1.1830 per Mary, m. 8.1832 (Perth) Mary Jane COOK b. 1792 d. 4.1848 (York), widow of Jeremiah, she arr. 4.2.1831 per Drummore. Chd. Henry b. 1834 (Perth), Ellen (Bessie). Indentured labourer & shepherd to Lt. H. Bull in Canning district & later at Upper Swan at "Parkhatch Farm". Illit.

RANDALL, Henry, b. 24.4.1834, son of Henry & Mary, m. 10.5.1866 (St. Peters Beverley) Mary Jane CRAWFORD m. c.1850 (Ireland) d. 21.10.1924, dtr. of Samuel & Mary. Chd. Hannah Elizabeth b. 1872, John Henry b. 1875 d. 1931. Listed in York Census 1859 as employed by James Draper. During 1860s & 70s he was employed by J. Fleay as shepherd & shearer. Was a farmer at "Gilgering" Beverley. Employed 3 T/L men 1864 & 1865, one a harness maker. He &wife illit. C/E.

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"Noted Swan Valley identity, researcher and published writer, Cheryl Rogers will outline the challenges faced by the mother of a large family, widowed soon after arriving in the Colony in 1831. Desperation led to theft, then punishment including a lashing, then imprisonment at Fremantle Round House. Cheryl will trace the family's ultimate survival through her work "On the Swan - sharing history through saved images and stories".

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