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Richard James

Richard James arrived in the colony in 1829, and started business selling coffee (and possibly other beverages) in a tent that burnt down. People (such as Capt Matthew Friend of the Wanstead) donated money to help him in his distress, apparently enough to enable him to lease a house on Lot 130 in Short Street. It had been first occupied by the family of Joseph Hardey who had arrived on the Tranby in February 1830, which is why James's pub came to be called Tranby House, despite Hardey's Methodists being teetotallers.

JAMES, Richard, b. 1781/2 (St. Kitts, W.Indies), buried Perth 19.12.1832 arr. 12.10.1829 per Orelia. Tavern Keeper - opened coffee house at Frem. & applied for spirits licence early 1830. He opposed the increase in Licence Fees.

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