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Howard Porter

Milson John Howard Porter was a Town Councillor, 1947-1951. He was President of the West Australian Trotting Association Inc and President of the Fremantle Trotting Club until he retired after thirty one years' service. The name of Porter had its beginnings with Fremantle in 1893 when M.J.H. Porter started a coach building business at the corner of Newman and William Streets, where the Council's Administration Building stood until 2018. In 1936 M.J.H. Porter re-founded the firm; the motor body works flourished and they expanded to deal in Dodge and Austin vehicles and later Chrysler vehicles. The company remained until 1981. Purchasing land from Council in the 1950s, Howard Porter expanded the motor body building enterprise further by opening a factory in Murphy Street, O'Connor.
Milson Place O'Connor is named for Howard Porter.

Howard Porter had previously worked for Bolton's Body Builders before starting his own business.

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