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This page will list some pharmacists/chemists/druggists who have pages on this site.

Richard Birch had a pharmacy in the west end of High Street which in 1882 he expanded to become a casualty ward, before there was a hospital in Fremantle.

John Cattalini was the second pharmacist to become mayor of Fremantle, 1984-1994.

Frank E. Gibson (later Sir Frank, 1948), was Mayor of Fremantle 1919-1923, 1926-1951. His shop was in High Street, next to Atwell Arcade.

Edward Mayhew was a founding member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia, as well as its first president, and was also the first pharmacist to be registered in this state under the Pharmacy and Poisons Act of 1894.

Tom Owen's shop was on the corner of Hubble Street with Canning Road.

Alfred Edwin Webster. In 1898, Alfred Webster, an English-trained chemist, joined in a business partnership with Richard Birch. Both were foundation members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia. See references in Dictionary of Western Australians, Vol. 4, Parts 1 and 2, for Birch and Webster; Western Mail, 2 July 1910.

References and Links

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