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Beeliar has been the name of a modern suburb since 1993, but has long referred to the area where the suburb is, and also to 'river' and 'waterways' generally. It was also the name of the country of Midgegoroo and his son Yagan, south of the Swan and west of the Canning rivers.
Beeliar was bounded by Melville Water and the Canning River on the north, by the mountains on the east, by the sea on the west, and by a line due east from Mangles Bay on the south. It was, as we might say, on the far side of the river, lying between the Canning, Fremantle and Woodman’s Point. It was a large area of land, and the tribe was large, as tribes went, numbering some 58 persons, but there is some doubt as to whether it was not two tribes.

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