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Brian Klopper

Brian Klopper was a pioneer of “adaptive re-use” and we can see his craftsmanship around Fremantle from the premises like the now Attic Café to the many recycled brick houses he designed, and the re-use of warehouses and factories into inner city living apartments.

Peter Hobbs, President AIA:
He invented two material standards: the now ubiquitous steel window, and cut limestone cavity blockwork, both of which are now industry standards. He led the way with re-cycled materials before sustainably and embodied energy were even thought about.

Marcus Collins:
Klopper attained something approaching cult status in the 1980s, with real estate agents advertising certain properties as “Klopperesque.” His persona closely matches his work, and the words rugged, forthright, outspoken, bush philosopher, bush lawyer, bush businessman and imposing (six and a half feet) come to mind when thinking of him, as well as articulate, intelligent and well-read. His reaction to the predominant professional style of black clothes (dark grey if you are an individual) and architectural jargon such as “paradigm,” “learning vessels,” “infinity plans” etc. is simple – “bullshit.”

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