The Workers Club has a band and dancing 1330-1700 Sundays at Freo Park, a singalong on the first Wed of each month, and the occasional concert.

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Saturday 30 September: SionnachRua

Sunday 1 October: Flames

Wednesday 4 October: Singalong

Sunday 8 October: Hideaway

Sunday 15 October: Midway

Sunday 22 October: Chain Reaction

Sunday 29 October: Rebound

Every Friday: Ukulele Rabble Friday 3pm - 5pm

The Fremantle Workers Club website no longer exists. I provided that website ( for the club at my own expense for ten years from January 2012. I keep the same content up to date here, as an archive, but it is not the property of the FWC. Nor do I take any responsibility for the accuracy of anything here. The FPSSC website is as disgrace, as it has been since the Centre opened. Garry Gillard.

Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club Inc.
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